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martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

¡Thanks to everybody at the Danse Macabre!

Agradecimiento de Victoria Francés en Inglés para todos/as :).

I’m so thankful to anybody who came to meet me in that last signing session at the Danse Macabre. I have in my heart all the love you have showed me and a new wonderful experience in the beautiful city of Ghent.
For any person that never has been there, I recommend this event. You will enjoy it as much as me for sure. The ambience, music, the wonderful suits and dresses of the invited, the performances…all these elements make something absolutely amazing.
Special thanks to Viona Ielegems and Dirk Standaert for inviting me, to Father Sebastian and Aurore Juteau for their friendship and attentions, to Tessa Waalderbos for her kindness, to Fred Loca for his wonderful pictures and David Van Nederveen Meerkerk for the music and his kind words. Also I’m thankful for their amability to La Scura, Thomas Pfützenreuter, Eline Nijs and Lisa Nijs, Rachael Forbes, Alessandra Casiraghi, Arianna Gasparetto, Arianna Vilya Sapphire, Jude Human Captivity and Claudio Testori (siete stati tutti molto gentili con me, grazie!), Macarena Bernabé, Lindy Van Den Bosch, Melissa La Fay, Claire Amaranth, Edith de Rijk, Dick Carlier, Albert and Marga van Belkum (and her doll)... I hope I don’t forget anybody, I beg your pardon for all the people I haven’t said!
Also thousands of thanks to my partners in the party Miriam Mendiola, Rocio Boto, Edmundo Saíz, Ignacio Belda and José Alacreu.

Thanks to everybody for a so especial night…

Much love,
Victoria Francés

Pd: If any of you want to colaborate in the gallery of photos about this event that I will make in my oficial website you can send me your pictures to this e-mail:

Photo by Edmundo Saiz

Photo by Edmundo Saiz

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